Friday, 14 March 2014

Travel Diaries - New York!

Let me start off by saying, New York was amazing.

Our trip to New York was from December 30th 2013 - January 4th 2014. We stayed overnight in London the night before we flew out. I've done the whole travelling overnight to the airport but it's never fun and I am miserable when I am tired. We stayed in a lovely hotel, 5 minutes from the airport. We had a Mc Donalds and went to bed ready for an early start in the morning.

We got up early the next morning and off we went to the airport. 

We flew with Virgin Atlantic. They're such a brill airline and I would so fly with them again (hey, one day I want to work for them!)
So we checked in and went through to departures and did some shopping. Duty free is the best!

Once we landed, we checked into the Manhattan at Times Square. Lovely hotel. Not huge and in a brilliant location a few blocks up from Times Square and a few blocks down from Central Park.
Our first day over in NY consisted of us having a wander around the city to get a little familiar with it. We went out to eat on the evening and did some shopping.

The next day was New Years Eve. We didn't want to wander too far from Times Square as it does get shut off from about 3pm. So we took a stroll around Central Park.

We spent the evening on Times Square. It was bitterly cold for the whole time we were over there. I am sure you all saw what sort of weather the States were having and are still kinda getting.

The rest of the trip included eating, shopping, exploring, sleeping. The food was amazing, Lindy's Dinner was adorable. We did all the touristy things. We went down to see the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower. We went shopping in Macy's, Old Navy, Forever 21, Aeropostale.

Halfway through our trip, we knew there was snow coming, we didn't expect to see as much as we saw. It was lovely to see the city without the snow and then with it. Either way it is a

beautiful place.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

50 Thing You Probably Didn't Know...

1. I would really like to start vlogging. I do have a YouTube and I would love to get more into it.

2. I am the most forgetful person you will ever meet. For reals.

3. My favorite YouTubers are the Shaytards!

4. I love Oreo's. Oreo chocolate, Oreo ice cream, I think you catch my drift...

5. My favorite subject in school was English.

6. I love to look back on old pictures of myself. So glad I have those to look back on.

7. One of my favorite movies is Twister. I have watched it ever since I can remember and when I was younger I wanted to be a Tornado Chaser. Even now, secretly I'd love to still do it.

8. I'm a huge animal lover. Love them all.

9. If I were born a boy, I'd have been called Jason or Daniel and another option for a girl name for me would have been Katie.

10. I almost always, more often than not, have my finger nails and toes painted.

11. I've not met a lot of my biological family. My mum was adopted and we are looking for her family.

12. If I'm watching TV, I'm watching - The Vampire Diaries, Sister Wives, Mistresses.

13. I like the number Thirteen.

14. I really want to adopt one day. I feel a really strong calling to do it. I've felt that for a little while now. I don't want it to change, but I wonder if it will?

15. I'm an only child.

16. I want a huge family. Which stems from being an only child, I think. I'd like 5 children, god willing.

17. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Good or bad. It happens for a reason.

18. If I could live forever, I would.

19. I want to get married. I want the dress, party, extended family. More importantly, I want the marriage. A long marriage.

20. I wish I had kept going with Gymnastic and Dance.

21. I want to travel the world. To go to Australia and backpack for a year. Or Backpack through Europe and drive Route 66, Train from East Canada out West.

22. Country music is my favorite genre. But I have a pretty eclectic taste.

23. I love Taylor Swift music. Probably listened to every song 15 times over.

24. I a huge name fan. I love hearing new names, what names you like, I just love names!

25. I love scary movies, but will sit behind a pillow and occasionally peak out when watching them.

26. I really like to cook and bake.

27. I like cleaning. Monica!

28. I am a sucker for true movies.

29. I have never had a s'more!

30. I find it so strange that there are so many people in this world. I also find it odd that right now there are people out there living in the world right now.

31. This blog post took me 3 days to write. I don't know why it was so hard for me to find 50 things, haha.

32. When I was little, I fell face first over a 5ft fence into a neighbors garden and fell right on to mud and grass and had it all in my mouth. Urgh. I have crooked teeth now.

33. I did have braces. I never wore my retainer after the braces so still have crooked teeth. I used to think it was the be all and end all, but not anymore.

34. I plan to volunteer in Africa. One day.

35. Fall is my favorite!

36. I love Photography.

37. I use to dream about trying to punch someone in the face, but could never do it. Turns out it is about trying to reach goals. Who Knew?!

38. My star sign is Aquarius

39. I suit the star sign Aquarius...  Rational, Leader, Loyal, Impartial, Love for travel, Adaptable!

40. I hated my name growing up, I have 5 Amy's in my tutor alone. Ridiculous. Now, I like it.

41. Ketchup with everything!!

42. If I get woken up by my alarm clock, I'll be in a fairly good mood for the following couple of hours. By a person, not so much of a good mood.

43. I love to read. Not so much on a kindle though. There is nothing like being able to pick up a book and completely immerse yourself in it.

44. I really dislike movies like Jaws, Piranha and any movies which involve sharks. 

45. Probably stems from the above fact, but I don't like the ocean. I won't go and swim in it. Not a fan of not really knowing what's I'm there with you or beneath you.

46. I love to travel!

47. I love change and adapt really well to it.

48. Chinese and Indian are my favourite rake out food.

49. My favourite month of the year is November. I love the weather, in England we have bonfire night which is so fun! Everything outside is just so pretty, crisp and fresh!

50. I am off to New York City in a little under 8 weeks! So exciting!!!

Well that's 50 things about me. It seems to have taken me forever to get this done!

Thanks for reading


Sunday, 1 September 2013

My Long Lost Family

Installment Numero Uno.

It all started when I was 12 years old. My dad let it slip that the man who raised him was not biologically his dad. It then came out that my moms family who she grew up with, weren't in fact her biological family. And that is what I am going to talk about now.

I was devastated. I was so young and this was a bombshell. The amazing people who had raised my mom, my Nan and Granddad are the people I consider to be my family as are the cousins and my aunt and uncle I grew up with. Nether the less, it didn't stop me asking questions. My mom had always knew that she was adopted and knew a little about why but never wanted to talk about it. I let it rest.

A few years later, the urge to look came back again. At this point I must have been about 16 years old, so 2010. I found my moms birth certificate and it had her biological parents names on it. I then asked my mom what she knew. We sat down in the kitchen and had a good talk about it. Turns out she has one older brother and 2 sisters. So, some questions had been answered. I needed to find out more for myself. I couldn't just leave it at that and not look for them and regret it years down the line when it is too late.

I started to look. Just Google at first. I looked into some ancestry sites, but a couple months later nothing came of it. So I gave up. My exams were coming up in school and prom. I checked a few more times here and there over the years, nothing ever came of it though and I was starting to loose hope.

In September 2012, I decided to have one more look for my moms birth family. I tried a new site, Genes Reunited. I joint the site on the 16th September and found a guy who could possibly have been my moms biological brother. Everything matched up so far, names wise etc.. I message him. I asked him just a few questions, making sure it was the right person. And sure enough it was. When he emailed back to say he was one of the people I'd been looking for, I could not believe it. After years of searching, I'd found someone who was biologically related to me on my moms side of the family.

We talked back and forth over the site. We swapped info, things he knew I didn't and vice versa. The one thing he told me, which shocked me the most was that after all 4 siblings had been adopted, 7 years later, the couple had stayed together and had another daughter together. A new twist in the story. A person no one knew about.

I told my mom that I'd found her biological brother. I think she was pretty stunned. She was happy though. She never held any grudges against the siblings. The brother, who will go by R, and I added each other on Facebook and have been messaging back and forth since. We wanted to get to know each other a little just to see how and what we were like. We decided that we should all meet in person. Mom, Me, and R.

We arranged to meet on August 25th 2013 and so I met my biological Uncle R for the very first time. We all hit it off so well. R brought along is partner and we sat down and had a few coffees together, brought some photos on when they were younger, talked about how their lives had been and caught up and for what is for my mum, 50 years!!

It was so amazing to meet him. It felt surreal. After all that time looking and then talking to him for the past almost year, to meet in person and have a coffee together was brilliant. We then had some lunch together and pretty much spent the whole day together.

So that is my success story. I never thought that day would come. We can now search for the others together and live the rest of our lives knowing that even if it doesn't work out, we all tried. We all made the point of meeting. We deffo plan on meeting up again in the near future and getting to know each other more. The way I look at it it's meant to be and there is a reason why everything has happened the way it has.

So thanks to genes reunited I found a part of my family, I'd always wanted to know.

What baffles me is how they are going to be in my family forever. We are always going to have some connection and to meet someone and instantly have a connection with them is wonderful. If/When I get married, they will be sat watching me get married, when I have children they will be Great Uncle and Aunt.
I am so glad I was able to find him and his partner.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Throw Back Thursday - Dom Rep!

Today I am blogging about my vacation to the Dominican Republic. We flew out on the 17th September 2010 and returned on the 03rd October 2010. It seems like a lifetime ago. It was such a fun time!

I went with my mom and her best friend L. Girls Holiday! I had been to the Caribbean before - Antigua. When we were deciding that we wanted to, it was a toss up between Mexico and Dom Rep. Well clearly, we ended up going with the Dominican Republic.

Whilst we were over there we met some pretty fabulous people. Kim and Ray. We still keep in contact. Kim and I skype regularly and it so good to have that connection with someone so far away. The live in Canada. I  am hoping to visit Kim next summer! I've always wanted to go to Canada!

We swam with dolphins over there. I have swam with them twice now and it has been amazing each time! L even almost lost her swimming bottoms. We have it on video and it is hilarious!

We went during hurricane season and despite it being hurricane season we only had a couple days of rain, but it was more like showers and so warm!! Totally could stay in the pool... of course until the lightning came, I didn't fancy getting stuck by lightning! haha.

We did have kinda a long transfer from the airport to our hotel. It was surprisingly nice! We got to see plenty of the country and how they live. The little shacks, the houses, the mountains and the rivers. Everything was so green and beautiful!! They would have a family of 2 adults and 2 children on one motorbike. The people were so friendly.

The middle picture, it was a stormy night (sounds like i'm starting a romance or thriller story, right?!) and there was a hurricane which was just passing by, it wasn't super close to the island but clearly close enough, it was pouring with rain and and thunder and lightning. It was so pretty. We walked out of our room and saw that cloud. 

The staff were so friendly and entertaining! And the first picture is of Kim and Ray from Canada, we met them in the afternoon of the 20th Sept and that picture was taken on the evening!

If I get the chance, I'd probably go back. It is such a beautiful country and I am so thankful for the experience!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

It was a beach kinda day...

This past week, we have been having pretty nice weather. Yesterday was lovely, so we decided to go to the beach!! It's not too far via train, so that was our travelling method sorted! I went with one of my best friends - who is actually more like a sister to me, and her children, who are my god children. So much fun was had!

The day started off lovely and early, we went to the train station, and got onto the train. It was the kids first time on the train and they thought it was brill! One we arrived at the beach we went straight onto the pier, where there are a bunch of rides and amusements. It's safe to say I was reliving my youth!! 

We then left the pier and went to set up camp on the beach! There was a little wind and so we put up the windbreaker and ate. Sandwiches, crisps, strawberries, bananas and of course, you can't go to the beach and not have some chips! A lot of sand was also consumed by the two year old! We there built some sand castles and played in the sand, the kids got to go and ride some donkeys which M kept referring to as goats! Lol!

We took a stroll along the beachfront, looked in the shops, ate some ice cream and saw some pretty amazing sand sculptures. By this time it was around 4pm and it was soooo time to go home. 

We all had a fabulous day and I slept so well last night!! My shoulders are so sore from sun burn though! #notfun

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Important Quotes to me.

Jeeez. I do not know what the matter with me is at the moment. I'm just not in the blogging mood. One: I just don't know what to blog about. My life really is't that interesting. Two: I'm just finding it hard to get motivated. Setting myself a goal. And I'm gonna stick to it. One Post A Week! At least!

So today or should I say, tonight. I am going to blog about some quotes that are important to me. It may be that they inspire me (and lets face it, I need some of that right now!) or that I just love because I just love them.

- "The world is a book, and those who don't travel, read only one page" St Augustine

I just love this quote. It means a lot to me, because travelling means a lot to me. The world is such a huge place, full of different cultures, religions and people. Travel is the only thing that makes you richer. In knowledge that is. This is just my opinion, take it as you wish. I think people who don't travel aren't living life to the fullest and I tend to find they are quite closed minded people because they only step into their own backyard. Your part of the world really is just a page in a book. And wheres the fun in reading just one page?

- "Because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" Dr Suess

Good old Dr Suess! I love this quote, but I don't always follow it. I'm the type of person that likes to try to please everyone. But you simply can't and the conclusion is really as simple as the quote above.

- "Dreams don't work unless you do"

Amen to that. You can't expect something for nothing. You need to work in life to get to where you want to be. It won't be handed to you on a platter. And if it is. Well you've got to work to keep it there.

- "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain"

I really think this quote sounds cheesy, but the message is clear. You could be waiting forever for the bad thing in your life to pass, but you make the best of a bad thing and learn how to just get on with life. It won't wait for you.

- "Never judge a book by it's cover"

I find myself constantly reminding myself of this one lately. Doing what I do, I come face to face with a lot of people. I often find myself sitting and judging someone. I'm guilty of that. I'll judge the way they look or how they dress, by the way they talk, but who am I to judge that person. I've not lived the life they have, I don't know their history or what is happening in their life that very moment. Everyone should deserves an equal chance.

I know some of these are cheesy and heard fairly often, but there is a reason for that.

Thanks for reading


P.S - What are some of your favorite quotes?